What's your general philosophy when photographing weddings?


   Weddings are a team sport. We all have to play well and communicate together to get the best outcome possible. It's not about the portfolio, it's about the couples and what they are looking for. The brides I love working with the most are those who are real and created a day full of things that are sentimental and sweet. Are you a DIY bride? Great! I love capturing the little details you spent hours putting together with your mom or best friend. I want your album to be full of images that remind you of the entire process: getting ready, the table settings, the guests, the atmosphere, the way you look at one another during the vows, and of course the millions of smiles, tears, and belly laughs from everyone who is part of your special day. It's about the heart and the love between your families and it's my honor and privilege to be a part of it. 


Want to know some fun facts about me? 


- I am a podcast junkie... it's what I listen to when I am editing photos so I can keep my focus and crime are my favorites. Need a recommendation? Ask, I have a lot!


- I am also a licensed nail technician and I have the incredible opportunity to lead two local spa teams here and travel nation wide to promote more education. So if you need your nail fixed on your wedding day... I got you! .... I might also ask if I can take over if I see you polishing your own the morning of... no seriously, I have actually done that. 


- I grew up a dancer (think Dance Moms) and because of that I am ridiculously experienced and fast at applying false lashes or doing touch ups. 


- My favorite movies are musicals and horror. I realize that this makes me look very odd considering they could not be more opposite of each other but there you go. Guys and Dolls and The Shining are some of my all time top 10.


- My dream vacations are road trips. I love the windows open, music playing, journal and games in my lap, camera ready to go, and my family. I don't really care where we go, how long it takes to get there, I just enjoy the journey. We don't make plans, we make decisions as we go, and while its a little chaotic...it's really nice to not run by a clock and a schedule sometimes.