LBGT Denver Wedding at Christ Church United Methodist- Sharon + Gina in Colorado

February 20, 2020  •  7 Comments

Let's just talk about these two partners in life and in love... wow!

Sharon and Gina had a very calm, relaxed, and loving wedding day. They were surrounded by their friends, family, friends who had become family, religious community, LGBTQ community, and each other. It was perfect. Sharon currently is the Senior Pastor at Christ Church United Methodist in Denver. This church welcomes all Christian marriages regardless of sexual orientation and gender expressions. Their website reads "It took me a long time to come to terms with my faith and sexuality. This is the first church I ever found that affirms both."  I love that so much!

Love is love, period.

We all need to tell more of these love stories and show their beauty whenever we can....and by "these love stories" I mean love stories that are honest, humble, true, faithful, nurturing, soul enriching, ever lasting, and all consuming to make us better partners and human beings. 

Sharon and Gina have this.... if you don't believe me, start scrolling....

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. They haven't seen the way that these two women look at each other.

A thousand words doesn't even begin to cover it. 

As they held hands walking down the aisle together, you could feel the overwhelming warmth and joy from all of their guests. Sharon and Gina had so many unique and personal touches to their ceremony that I have never seen before. Starting out, they asked each person write a prayer, well wish, or loving thought on a piece of paper to begin their marriage together. A custom made painting from Gina's son, Jonah, was a beautiful tribute to their union and served as a unifying art piece that everyone who was present that day was encouraged to contribute to. They also had extremely meaningful readings, songs, and prayer connecting them together with rings and a kiss. After their ceremony, they had a sweet reception with several cakes that were hand crafted by Gina's mother. Their wedding party honored them with two very kind toasts and Gina and Sharon shared a first dance together after cutting their beautiful cakes.

During Gina and Sharon's couple's portraits, I was snapping away in the church courtyard watching these two when I drew back my camera and realized that I had been standing at exactly the right angle to capture a rainbow in their portraits. Finding a rainbow at 1pm on a sunny bright day is RARE. My eyes welled with tears because as a believer in signs, this couldn't have been more perfect for them. Let's repeat that.... those rainbows are not photoshop or an overlay.... those are honest, true, God given rainbows. MAGIC

As the sunset began that evening, my second and I took Sharon and Gina back out to the courtyard. My secondary photographer, Molly, caught the magic in the exact same spot as before this time and these final portraits are some of my favorites from the day. I feel the need to call her out and let everyone know how talented she is. Her website is linked at the bottom of the blog. I could not have asked for a better secondary that day! Thank you Molly for all that you do! You are the best!

This is a BIG blog! Please leave a note for the newlyweds down below, every couple loves to read the sweet things others have to say about their wedding day. It was a joy to work with these women and I truly wish that I could re-live their day all over again. 












Vendor Credit for Some Incredible People Goes To:


2nd Assisting Photographer: Molly Sarby

Officiants: Reverend Deborah Christine, Reverend Paul Ramsey

Songs, Readings, and Rituals: Steve Waltz, Molly Conley, Nikki Frontz, Caleb Collins, and Jonah Heintzleman

Cake: Marilyn Harvey

Custom Canvas Painting: Jonah Heintzleman 



What a beautiful wedding and beautiful photos! How special to have captured a rainbow so unexpectedly on their special day. I especially love the couple portraits at the end. Congratulations to these newlyweds! Their love for each other shines through in your wonderful photos.
Your images and words are so SO lovely and heartfelt! The painting is such a cool idea and I love that you captured them adding to it!
Kay Nation(non-registered)
Wow! Incredible and so glad I was able to view. So happy for you two. Happiness is so important in a marriage. I wish you both days and tests of happiness. Sharon so pleased to see that big smile on your face!!
Jenny Flournoy(non-registered)
What a beautiful day! I feel fortunate to have shared it with you. You both just beam with love for one another. Blessings!
Judy Maisch(non-registered)
Beautiful photos! Perfectly captured the love they share.
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